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English Basics

For Beginners - A1/A2 Level

Learn the basics of English Language to get started. With our tutors, you will work on a specific topic every hour and go through some theory and a lot of practical work.

Get started with English language to prepare for your future goals and be ready to discover the world! 


€ 25 / hour

Conversational English


Practice your listening, speaking and comprehension skills with our Native English tutors. One hour of English conversational lessons where you will read articles, watch videos, discuss them, express your point of view and improve your conversational skills.

All you need is a good wifi connection, a computer and a lot of curiosity to get ready to learn more!!!


€ 25 / hour

University and Work Interview Prep

Are you wondering how a University admission interview is like? Or are you trying to get your first job and interviews stress you?

With our tutors you will be able to practice mock interviews, learn what kind of questions you should prepare for and work on your answers.

Every goal is attainable if you prepare for it!


€ 28 / hour

Essay Prep

Our English Prep lesson will teach you how to write an essay following the correct structure, helping you find the best ways to express your ideas clearly and putting them down on paper. This course will give you the tools to start working on your University Application essays or preparing you for your exam essays !


Learn how to write English essays and prepare for your University Applications!


€ 30 / hour

Join us!