BC Explorer Teen Leadership

British Columbia, Canada


Galiano Island, Galiano Island Conservancy, Vancouver, Victoria, Sechelt Inlet and University of Victoria

13 to 17 Years Old

July 16 - August 05, 2020

21 days

  • Connecting with Canadian and international youth, languages and cultures.
  • Meeting with local First Nations and communities.
  • Hiking the incredible trails North Shore Mountains and the Sunshine Coast.
  • Paddling along the majestic coastlines of Sechelt Inlet
  • Biking along the quiet trails and roads of Galiano Island while participating in a series of gourmet cooking lessons.
  • Increasing self-knowledge, clarifying values, strengthening decision-making skills and processes, and learning how to set short and long-term goals.
  • Learning the basics of front and back-country camping, ocean canoeing and orienteering, alpine hiking and cooking.
  • Supported by experienced and skilled instructors who will provide around-the-clock supervision for the entirety of the program.
  • Learning about leadership styles and competencies to become more self-propelled in community and school.

Flight Assistant is included!


A teenager’s experience can be complicated, magical, boring, rebellious, disappointing, and incredibly defining all in one day. It can also be trying times for parents and family members. Despite the challenges that can be found in every teen’s life, at school, in peer relationships, in their community and at home, there are opportunities for positive life shifts, connections, and experiences.

We offer more than your typical teen camp, youth leadership course, or BC youth summer experience.

Leadership is an opportunity for youth to learn to be more self-directed as they navigate what’s in front of them, especially as they form relevant life shaping perspectives, such as climate change education, prepping for post secondary schooling, building positive relationships and understanding world events.


Regardless of a participant’s level of comfort and outdoor skills, it is safer to travel in a group and it is much safer to have an experienced instructor supporting them. Our team always prioritizes planning, preparing, and most importantly, teaching participants how to be safe in the wilderness.


Fitness Capacities

If you are concerned about yours or your child’s physical readiness to attend one of our Fireside camps/expeditions, please contact us directly. We modify our experiences based on participants' abilities and capacities. Relax and let us work together to make an informed and shared decision.


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