Program Plus

Action Camp


Camp Options


Day camp

10 to 13 Years Old

Activities Options

Outdoor Sports

Creative Activities

Both Sports and Arts


Interactive Classroom

Fifteen hours of English language instruction in an interactive classroom environment


Outdoor Sports

 Sportive-Physical Programming Activities are all done in English and Include

  • Sailing
  • Boxing
  • Tennis
  • Archery, Fencing, Climbing or Kayak *
    * sport may vary depending on availabilities

Creative Activities

  Creative Programming sees the Program Plus Action Campers working toward a collaborative group project


An extension of the classic English Acton Camp, this new program is catered to children who seek more advanced and focused programming in either the sportive-physical activities or the artistic-creative activities. For the more active and sportive child, the activities offered in Program-Plus will take advantage of the surrounding communities and environment; whether it be sailing on the Mediterranean or climbing at the neighbouring gym, your child is sure to learn new skills while enjoying the adventure. For the artistic and creatively inclined child, the activities offered will give your child the opportunity to express themselves through a variety of artistic mediums, such as pottery or theatre, while working toward a collaborative group project.


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