Dear Action Camp Parents,

Action Camp in South of France has partnered with Fireside Adventures, British Columbia, Canada. The partnership aims to offer to your children an additional stepping stone to expand their knowledge and personal experience to a worldwide culture. Both Action Camp and Fireside Adventures work towards educating today's youth to maximise their international and cultural experiences whilst making a conscious effort to escape their comfort zone and challenge themselves with exciting, new adventures. We believe that Action campers have the skillset and confidence to embark the next level challenges that Fireside Adventures has to offer in the wild nature of British Columbia.


Our Favourite Fireside Adventures Programs

Fireside's WorldBound Youth Leadership Camp

Date: July 12 to August 01, 2018

Age: 14 to 18

Includes: Pre-camp assessment, instruction, food, accommodation, most camping gear, camping fees and transportation while on trip including return flight between Vancouver and Whitehorse.

Advance training for river canoe trips, backcountry expeditions, and international travelling
Advance training in outdoor youth leadership
Connection to Canadian and international youth, languages and cultures
Visiting known and newfound places considered to be among BC and Yukon's best kept secrets and outstanding locations)
Skill development with outdoor recreational activities (i.e. orienteering, cross cultural competencies, canoeing, hiking)
Leadership principles regarding cultural and traditional practices of Indigenous and International peoples

Fireside’s World Bound Language and Cultural Summer Camp for Kids

Date: July 12 to August 01, 2018

Age: 8 to 13

Includes: 35 or 15 hours of English Instruction throughout 21 days of language immersion, food and accomodation, pre and post camp english language assessment and report, Airport pick up and drop-off, Weekly field trips, Group camping gear, Free t-shirt and water bottle, Transportation throughout the camp

ESL instruction and tutoring by experienced English staff who are also certified teachers 
The quintessential Canadian camping experience
Visits to popular scenic sites and playing in nature - all keys aspects of having fun at camp
Cross-cultural experiences and exchanges between Canadian and international campers
Physical activity
Engaging and thought-provoking camp programs, and other cultural projects.
Singing traditional Canadian camp songs, roast marsh mellows over an open fire, making fun camp craft
Gourmet cooking lessons

Languages Spoken: 🇮🇹  🇫🇷  🇪🇸  🇬🇧

"We are striving to be the best outdoor youth leadership training camp in BC and Yukon."


"I will always cherish the moments shared with my Canadian and International friends "