Action Camp Bus

This summer 2018, we have been working hard with our local agents to set up a bus service that would benefit our day campers living in Monaco and Nice. If you haven’t seen this service around just yet, then scroll down to find out all the relative information.

The bus is a 15 seater bus and will be driving from Monday to Friday throughout the Action Camp Summertime weeks. The bus l

eaves from Monaco Jardin exotic at 8.30 am, stops in Nice at the Airport exit next to the prefecture de Nice at 8.45 am and arrives at Action Camp in Sophia Antipolis at 9am. Campers arriving from Monaco and Nice by bus will be received by our amazing Action Camp on site ready to start a day full of energising activities.
At the end of the day, campers that have signed up for the Action Camp Bus will board the 15 seater minivan at 6 pm. The first stop will be in Nice, same stop location as the morning, and the bus will terminate its ride in Monaco, Jardin exotique. Parents in Nice and Monaco will have to ensure to arrive on time at the bus stopping locations due to no AKC staff being present and to avoid the Action Bus to run late on schedule.

Have a look at the illustration to summarise the Action Camp Bus morning and afternoon itinerary.